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Scoop Neck Bridesmaid Dresses 

The scoop neckline is another versatile neckline style. It resembles a U-shape and can be low or high, depending on the depth of the dress. Women with narrow shoulders will look good in a scoop neckline dress because the round shape creates the illusion of more curves. This neckline style also helps to create an illusion of a smaller bust for women who have heavy upper bodies. 

A scoop neckline dress is universally flattering and is a gorgeous cut for any bridesmaids. It also helps to lengthen the neck and create an elongated silhouette. No matter what the season or what your wedding theme is, Yelure has got a scoop-neck bridesmaid dress to suit everybody. Our gorgeous range offers flowing dresses in a range of styles, sleeve lengths and fabrics in different shades such as burgundy, pink, navy, green and more. 

Take your bridal party look to the next level by choosing a long bridesmaid dress from Yelure. Our scoop neck gowns are perfect for a soft, sophisticated look that suits all body types, and work all year round. With so many styles to choose from, you are sure to find something you love and that your bridal party will want to wear.