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Petal Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Pink bridesmaid dresses have always been a popular choice for brides and a modern take on this color to keep looking fresh and new are shades with unique undertones. If you are looking for a soft pink that flatters your bridal party, then petal pink should be on your radar. Petal pink is a mid-strength floral pink shade with a hint of soft purple in the undertone. Soft pink like petal pink is an all-time favorite choice for brides everywhere.

This romantic light pink looks lovely in chiffon fabric for a fairytale-like vibe. Shades of pink also work well for a mix-and-match wedding party. If you are thinking of a mismatched bridesmaid dress, you may want to consider combining the petal pink shade with darker tones like dusty rose. For a more classic look, you can opt for maxi dresses in blush pink.

Yelure's petal pink bridal party dresses come in just about every silhouette and neckline you can ever imagine, from halter necklines to one-shoulder dresses. Your bridal squad will float down the aisle wearing a dreamy off-the-shoulder petal pink bridesmaid dress or a convertible strap pink petal chiffon bridesmaid dress that is great for your bridal party to express their personal style.