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One-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

A one-shoulder bridesmaid dress is one that features an asymmetrical one-shoulder and gives an ethereal and romantic look. The neckline has a draped shoulder on one side while leaving the other exposed. A one-shoulder dress looks good on almost any body type.

This neckline style is perfect for women with toned arms and slender shoulders. On top of this, the neckline shows off the collar-bone while covering the bust area modestly. One- shoulder or asymmetrical bridesmaid dresses is chic and elegant, and at the moment, it is a fashion-forward style. One-shoulder bridesmaid dresses are often seen on the red carpet and during formal occasions. There are a variety of one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses at Yelure and you can find dresses in luxe chiffon, sequins and velvet fabric.

This goddess-style bridesmaid dress will make your bridal party look fabulous. This is a style that won't date and will look gorgeous in photographs. Our collection of one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses come in a rainbow of colors and you can choose one that works for you, whether you are planning to have a garden theme party or a formal celebration. If you are looking for a dress that is both stylish and unique, a one-shoulder bridesmaid dress is the perfect choice. Not only is it the perfect style to show off a bit of skin while maintaining coverage, it is sure to turn heads and make your girls look their best on your big day.