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Marigold Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

Luxe velvet is a highly popular fabric choice for bridal party dresses because it is perfect for any figure and tends to photograph better than some traditional wedding fabrics. The beautiful texture of velvet flatters all body shapes and they are not too clingy or bunch up in all the wrong places.

If you want to add a pop of color to your big day, marigold velvet bridesmaid dresses are the perfect shade to add a colorful punch to your wedding. This bright, sunny and cheery shade can capture the energy and aesthetic of your bridesmaids. This earthy yellow tone is making marigold bridesmaid dresses one of the top new color schemes for weddings. Marigold is the color that embodies happiness and optimism. It is a chic and modern take on a traditional style and having your bridal party in this shade will make your girls feel like royalty. This pop of yellow is striking in Spring and Summer wedding palettes, or as an accent for weddings in the cooler months. 

Marigold bridal party dresses from Yelure come in a wide range of statement making flattering styles to suit all seasons, skin tones and preference. Your bridal party will be sure to turn heads wearing our super soft and extremely comfortable vibrant marigold velvet bridesmaid dresses