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High And Low Bridesmaid Dresses

High-low hemlines are a blend of the flirty style of short dresses with the appeal of long gowns. These dresses have a hem that is higher at the front than the back. Both short and long dresses are stylish, so when you cannot choose between a short dress or a maxi, why not go with high-low hems? With high and low dresses, you get the best of both worlds. Sassy in the front and yet classy in the back. Dresses with high-low hemlines have a playful look from the front and an elegant look at the back that will leave a great impression at formal events such as weddings. Casual or fancy, high and low dresses are appropriate for many occasions.

There is something undeniably fun and eye-catching about this dress style. Also, with high- low dresses, you do not have to worry about overstepping on the long skirt. So, if you would like to have your bridal crew flaunt this leg-baring hemline, you are in luck because Yelure has got you covered. For the classic bride-to-be, you will be able to find bridal party dresses in clean and sleek silhouettes featuring high-low hemlines. Yelure has high-low dresses in colors from sweet subtle pastels to brilliant jewel tones. Our dresses are available in statement-making styles with sexy front slits and low back or cross back designs. One of the biggest perks of wearing a high-low dress is that it gives your bridesmaids the chance to show off a great pair of statement heels.