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Floor Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Epitome of radiance and elegance, long bridesmaid dresses are a popular choice for weddings. Designed to fall below the ankle or some may even touch the floor slightly, long or floor-length dresses are very versatile. This is because a long dress can be more or less formal depending on the dress style and color. If you are in the market for a more formal style for your girl squad, the long hemline of the dresses will add a touch of tradition and chic style to your celebration. Long bridal party dresses look lovely in all kinds of settings. As the shoes are hidden, bridesmaids can wear what they feel comfortable in. Floor-length gowns are often seen as a more elegant option and self-conscious bridesmaids do not have to worry about pale feet or scarred legs. If your best friends want to take a break from heeled shoes and switch to flats during the day to rest their feet, it will not impact the look of the dress.

Long dresses never look out of place no matter what season the wedding is taking place in. Best of all, they also always looking amazing in photos. Yelure's stylish collection of bridesmaid dresses feature floor length dresses in various designs from chic long sleeves to sexy low back dresses. Our floor length bridesmaid dresses are loved by many brides and bridesmaids because they complement a casual chic wedding look or can be sophisticatedly styled for a black-tie celebration.