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Chiffon and Lining Swatch Booklet -29 Colors

Chiffon and Lining Swatch Booklet -29 Colors

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This Yelure chiffon and lining swatch booklet contain 29 colors of 3.9 inches chiffon fabric patch and the lining fabric. This will narrow down your wedding color choices when coming to your final color selections. Being able to see and feel the fabric will help you decide which color flatters your skin tones.

Warm Tip: Different computer monitors and mobile devices can display color differently. So, the color you see on screen may not appear exactly the same in person. At Yelure, we want you to love your dress(es)! With a color swatch in hand, you will be confident that you're ordering the right shade and fabric for your big day.

Shipping & Returns

1. Generally, according to the complexity of the dresses, the required time are 1-2 weeks. 

2. Our products will be sent worldwide. Normally, the time of shipment is 3-12 days depending on the shipping method you choose. Shipping costs will be calculated automatically during the checkout process.

3. We will deal with your order within 24 hours and inform our tailors to start making your dresses. So if you want to cancel the order, please contact us within 24 hours.

4. Yelure accepts returns and will give you a full refund for items that are damaged, defective or miss-shipped. You need to contact us 30 days after you receive the package.

*More conditions please check our return policy and shipping policy.

Measuring Guide

Tips for Color

Firstly, we need to know that there are several reasons why bridesmaid dresses may have color difference issues, such as:

  • Lighting: Different lighting conditions can cause colors to appear differently, making it difficult to match colors exactly.
  • Monitor color variation: Different computer monitors and mobile devices can display color differently, which can make it difficult to match colors when ordering online.
  • Batch color difference: Sometimes the dresses are made in different batches, at different times, and with different dye lots.

color difference

After testing, we found these colors easily have color difference issues: dusty rose, sage green, dusty blue, burgundy and mint green. Overall, pastel colors easily have color issues.

👉 How to solve bridesmaid dress color difference issues?

1. Buy a swatch booklet before buying bridesmaid dresses.

2. To avoid color difference issues, it's advisable to order all the dresses at the same time, from the same batch.

If your bridesmaids are placing orders separately, please make sure to request them to leave a note or write to us, to let us know they are from your bridal party. Thus, we could cut all dresses from the same roll of fabric, to make sure the color are exactly the same.

3. Colors will appear different on different fabric bridesmaid dresses, even if they are the same color. If you want totally the same color, please choose the same fabric dresses.

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